About me 
Reporting from the Nordic countries to the world

Welcome to my homepage!

I am Sara, a Danish-Icelandic journalist, interpreter and language teacher, living in Finland with my family. 

Growing up in a bilingual Danish-Icelandic home, fate (and a super interesting journalist position) brought me to Finland in 2008. I soon after fell in love with a local, and Finland has been my home ever since. My own three kids speak Finnish and Danish. 

In addition to Danish, Icelandic, Finnish and English, which I speak fluently, I can communicate with Swedish and Norwegian speakers without difficulty. 

I have a good eye for interesting stories and I am always eager to broaden my horizon. Ideas come easy to me, and I work efficiently and independently, also under pressure. I thrive talking to people from anywhere and all walks of life, and I communicate in an easily accessible manner without compromising fact checking and spelling and grammar. 

As a journalist, I’ve made local newspapers, hosted radio shows and worked for global media companies.

See some examples of my work

I also work as an interpreter (usually between Finnish and Danish) during court cases, police interrogations and on other occasions, and teach a Danish language class.

I go to any job with excitement, curiosity and great attention to detail. 

So don't hesitate to contact me for an offer, if you need a Nordic specialist in journalism or language!


PS. If you, like I, have a weakness for freshly baked goods, then check out my blog.

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